Healthy Balance with Melanie Testimonials

"Melanie has helped me in so many ways. I began by focusing on healthy eating, drinking more water, reducing stress, anxiety and exercising more. Per the doctor's recommendation, I'm no longer taking one of my prescriptions! I'm now turning my attention to the "balance" in Healthy Balance by de-cluttering my life of too much stuff and too many things to do. I'm focusing on a joy-filled life centered in a strong vision and purpose." Paul

"I would not have made progress without talking to Melanie. She kept me moving forward and helped me create healthy boundaries for real change; improved energy, better sleep and eating habits!"

"Melanie is an amazing Health Coach. She is easy to talk to and is knowledgeable about health and well-being. She kept me accountable and helped me to reach my goals."
Monica I.

"Melanie takes interest in you as a person and her positive inspiration kept me focused on my goals even when I felt that I couldn't achieve them. She reminded me of the many small steps I had taken and kept me going in the right direction with ideas and tips."
Michelle A.

"Melanie helped me stop procrastinating and start writing the book, “Journey into blindness”. She gave me ideas and keep me open minded about thoughts to include in the book.”