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Receive Tranquility

This is my favorite Yin Yoga pose! Legs Up the Wall is helpful for many reasons including menopause to balance hormones, stress reduction, adrenal fatigue, disruptive sleep, respiratory ailments, low and high blood pressure and arthritis to name a few. This restorative posture gets blood flow to vital organs in the core.

The pose can be accomplished with or without props. To get started, place butt against the wall, flat back and relaxed arms.

Deep breathe focusing on the sound and flow of your breath to release the To Do list and burdens of the day. Hold the pose for 3-10 minutes.

When finished, roll onto your side and take another deep breath. Inhale as you raise up. Welcome to the feeling of tranquility!


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Thursday, January 11, 201810:30 AM
There are different steps to perform yoga. According to superiorpaper review services we can move our body in different directions at the time of yoga practice. Yoga is best to get balance body and we also feel stress free and relax after yoga practice.