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5 simple steps to enjoy Thanksgiving

Do you feel guilt or pressure to indulge because you are at a party, event or family gathering? No need.

1. Select a non favorite. Place a food on the plate that is not so special. Play with it as you are socializing. You know, cut it, move it around on the plate and take tiny bites!

2. Set up for success. Eat a healthy snack prior to the occasion so the stomach isn't growling and tempting you to over eat.

3. Portion Control. Staying away from the buffet table is a good start! Take an extra serving of veggies and salads to help fill up on fiber and a variety of nutrients. Aim for half the plate to be veggies.

4. Secret burner. Building muscle helps burn more calories and increase metabolism. No one has to know you are performing isometrics after the Thanksgiving feast. Simply contract and release the major muscle groups for 10 reps at a time as you watch the game.

5. Bring It. Take a healthy option such as fruit, bean dip and veggies, or natural apple cider.

Most of all, treasure the moments with family and friends and savor the taste, smells and textures of your favorite foods, in moderation!


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