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10 Ways To Keep Cool When It's Hot

1. Cold Feet.
Soak the feet in cold water to help cool down the whole body. Check out these additional pulse points to cool the body quickly.

2. No AC? 
Place ice in a roasting pan and set a fan in front of it to blow cool air into the room.

3. Choose Cooling Foods.
Cucumbers, radishes, frozen grapes or just about any raw, fresh veggies and fruits. Minimize meat and heavy protein meals because they can cause the body to work harder digesting the food and increase the core temperature. 

4. Drink water.
Even if you are not thirsty, its recommended to drink half your body weight in water. Download an App to remind you to drink water.

Of course there are many other options depending on the situation. Simply stay out of the sun. Take a cool shower. Consume less alcohol. Decrease caffeine. Fan yourself. Wear light weight cotton.

Dream of big, white puffy snowflakes landing on your tongue and body. Snow will be here soon!


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