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5 Tips to Transform Holiday Stress

Jingle, Jingle, the holidays are here! Some are sighing and others are singing as they plan, shop, party, decorate, bake, and clean. If you are feeling overwhelmed and like a scrooge, here are some ways to transform stress into a peaceful and joyful holiday.

Set realistic expectations. It won't be perfect; late dinner, burnt cookies, crooked tree, wrong size gifts or dangling decorations. Turn the mess into a memory everyone can laugh about. Also, traditions evolve as families grow and change. Create new ones such as sharing videos and photos through social media, especially if the ones you cherish are long distance.

Value what's important. Isn't being present with family and friends more meaningful than all the hassle and time of shopping for the perfect gift? Find ways to enjoy each other's company by playing games or going to an event.

Acknowledge your feelings. It's normal to feel sad, lonely, or depressed if you have recently lost a loved one or dealing with tough emotional issues. If you feel bad, don't ignore your feelings -- talk with someone you trust. Volunteer your time to help out with a shelter dinner or hold a toy drive. Abandon old customs if you are grieving or lonely and invite friends to start a new alternative.

Manage the money woes. Don't try to buy happiness with gifts bigger than the budget. Try homemade gifts, family gift exchange or donate to charity in someone's name, especially if time is scarce. If you have time on your side, give the gift of time by offering to do chores, run errands or babysit.

Take a deep breath. It's worth it! Spending just 5-15 minutes alone, deep breathing, without distractions, may refresh you to complete the next task with clarity. This is one of my favorite ways to reduce stress because it diminishes the mind chatter, slows the breathing and renews the inner calm.

Learn to recognize the triggers so you can address them before they blow-up. With a little planning and some positive thinking, you can find peace and joy during the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be Well,

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