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How to be renewed in 5 minutes

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away" - unknown

I was reminded of this quote recently when my husband, Tim and dog, Rosse were away at a cabin for some R&R.

I found myself trying to take in the moments and "be still and know that I'm God". It was an effort for me to wind down because I found myself so quickly wanting to get up to read something, do something, make notes of all the ideas and thoughts racing through my mind vs just being still and taking in the present moment. I hung in there and was revived in more than one way; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When we are able to be still for a moment, a minute, or an hour(s), it can lead to a renewed energy and focus if we if allow ourselves to let go. One doesn't have to escape to a cabin to take a mini vacation. It can happen right at the desk or home. Yes, it's harder to fight the distractions but it is possible!

Give yourself 5 minutes away from the digital devices or tasks at hand. Close your eyes and take a "renewal break" mentally to your favorite place or memory. Breathe long, slow, deep, even and without pause. Saturate yourself in the good feelings. It's normal for all the deadlines and Do To's to pop up in the mind. It's easier said than done but let them go. They will come back at a time when you can act on them.

Yes, research proves this is one way to reduce stress and increase energy. It gives the brain a break and more oxygen to the blood, allowing more focus and stamina. Mindful cultivation of beneficial thoughts, feelings and desires will enhance your brain.

Before you close this email, consider gazing at the photo below. Take a seat in the empty chair for a 5 minute renewal. You just might miss the point if you don't slow down the race!


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